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Welcome to Bridgewise Insurance, your go-to resource for wineries and breweries insurance solutions.

Our experienced brokers have access to a broad range of tailored winery insurance solutions designed to provide protection throughout the lifecycle of your brewery or winery. With an estimated 2,500 wineries in Australia, our insurance solutions cover against environmental damage, product recall, public and product liability, exported products insurance and many more.

What can it cover?

Whether you're a established vineyard or a seasoned brewery, our tailored insurance solutions address the unique risks of the beverage industry. From crop damage and equipment breakdown to tasting room liabilities, we ensure your passion and product are safeguarded. Here are just a few of the areas we cover:

Public and Product Liability Cover.

Compensating you when your business is found liable for claims against personal injures, leading to a public liability law-suit. For example, if a patron becomes unwell following consumption of contaminated wine.

Business Interruption Insurance.

Protecting you against loss of revenue due to damage, restricted access, loss of electrical, gas or water supplies to your winery or brewery.

Environmental Liability Cover.

Should anything occur within your venue that could lead you to facilitate the cost of a clean-up. For example, should a wine silo, or diesel tank collapse and release into a local waterway. Protect your winery or brewery against funding contamination and/or cleanup.

Product Recall Cover.

Protection against a batch that cannot be used. For example, should there be a potential fault with the glass used in your venue’s bottles resulting in glass fragments being found and the batch needing to be recalled.

Exported Product Cover.

Should a claim arise from a customer that has received your products overseas, and has sustained an injury or had an incident, protect your business from these unforeseen costs against the claimant.

Errors and Omissions Cover.

Covering you should your venue experience any claims as a result of any errors being made in the production process. For example, should an item be mislabelled, and the financial loss being suffered by a third party, a claim would be made against your venue – ensure your business is protected accordingly.

It is important to work with an experienced broker to identify the specific risks associated with your winery or brewery. Reach out to one of our experienced insurance brokers to develop your customised insurance solution today.

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